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Rebuilding US (formerly known as Real Relationship Talk) is a marriage podcast that delivers inspirational and real advice to help restore hope, love, and connection in your marriage. I believe your marriage is more resilient than you realize, and that every marriage can succeed with the “3 G’s”: guidance, grace, and God. The first letter in us is “u,” so before we “rebuild us,” we have to “rebuild u.” Join me and my amazing guests as we share relevant and inspiring stories and solutions to get you back on track. It’s time to rebuild. 


Dana Che Rebuilding Us podcast host

Dana Che Williams

Rebuilding US Podcast Host

Featured Episode

Rebuilding Our Marriage: Rebuilding Us

In one of our most vulnerable conversations yet, my husband, Shaun, and I talk about how our marriage was restored from infidelity and how we encourage and coach other couples with the blueprint to rebuild their lives after a painful past.

Dana Che Williams

Dana Che Williams

Speaker, Marriage Coach & Podcast Host

Meet Your Host

I’ve been married to my childhood sweetheart, Shaun, for over twenty-four years, and we have been T-H-R-O-U-G-H it! I just wish there was a podcast like Rebuilding US when we were experiencing the most painful parts of our marriage. All I could find were tidy, “Christianese” marriage books, that were mostly unhelpful. 

I am so passionate about helping marriages because I know what it feels like to be at your wit’s end and losing hope (and connection to your spouse) fast. I have dedicated my life to helping to reconnect people to each other and the LOVE that ultimately sets them free. I’m so glad you’re here! Take a look around and listen to an episode or 12! 

Get ready for the rebuild!

I love this podcast! So much relatable, practical teaching and advice. When I come to listen to a podcast, I always look to see if Dana has a new one. If you’re looking for a podcast that fills your cup you’ve found it!

All Natural Country Mama

In my mad dash to find a new podcast that gives me wife advice that I can appreciate, I came across this podcast. I started off with the Communication series which I so desperately needed. Less than three episodes in and I subscribed. I’m now going back and catching up. It is so wonderful to hear GODLY advice for women in today’s world!

Act Good

I listened to the “5 Ways to Cover Your Marriage in Prayer.” This is definitely from the Lord. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to pour into marriages. i will be listening all day at work.

Jene Lewis

Hey y’all! I wanted to reach out and thank you sou much for you guys’ outlook on relationships. I listen to your podcasts every day while I’m at work and you guys have helped me with a lot in my relationship with my boyfriend of 14 years. Thank you for being positive real ones! I pray for you guys to be blessed in these years to come! Yes sir! ❤️

Peachy Tho

I love listening to you talk about marriage. you helped me in my own mind figure out how to communicate better with my husband. I have listened to about 6 episodes in 2 days so far so I haven’t tekan your advice into effect just yet. I am not religious at all but I can absolutely respect what you have to say. You’re fun to listen to! I find myself chuckling at some of your phrases. You’ve got me so involved I actually got out a pen and per to take notes. Thanks for all your help! You’re awesome!!

Jam Swa

I have loved listening to the Real Relationship Talk podcasts. I started listening when my marriage was in a slump & kept on hitting the same road bumps time & again. I can relate to so much of what Dana talks about & gives me me a new lens to see my relationship through. Always leaning on the truth of God’s Word as the foundation.  


I really like that my husband shares an interest in this podcast with me. Since I started listening, he’s always asking to listen to it with me and gets upset if I listen without him. I feel like this podcast allows us to have deep conversations and connect on levels we haven’t always been able to thanks to you and Shaun’s transparency. We’re a grateful couple of listeners. Highly recommend 10/10.

The Jacksons

I can’t truly express how thankful I am for this podcast! Prior to your show I didn’t listen to podcasts. I just couldn’t find one that kept my attention long encough. Now I look forward to making time to listen to yours. If you’re looking for a show that will challeng you but help you grow, all while keeping it 100% real, this is the one right here! Pastor Dana, you and your husband are a blessing from above! Please keep it going! Thank you for what you do!

Mrs. Tia

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